Beverage Programs

Our consulting services entail creating detailed, profitable, and efficient beverage programs that embody the essence and atmosphere of your establishment. Our agency is dedicated to increasing your profits by designing specialty cocktail menus and teaching the art of mixology. We train bartenders to think like mixologists and to approach their jobs as careers while always delivering premium cocktails with speed and consistency.

Event Planning & Execution

Bar Lab offers premium beverage catering services, specializing in handcrafted and customized cocktails. Using only the freshest of produce, premium spirits, and hand-pressed juices. We passionately create and source inventive libations while providing the highest levels of impeccable service to deliver an exceptional experience for you and your guests. We have the best mixologists in our fleet who are highly trained professionals who take pride in their craft and will add that special touch to help execute an unforgettable event.

Brand Marketing & Development

With Bar Labs extensive experience in the hospitality industry, our team is well versed in branding and image consulting, and available to guide and assist your venue in creating the ultimate marketing plan. Whether you’re an established purveyor or new to the industry, we’ll work with you to develop innovative marketing tactics that will extend or excel previous concepts of commonality by inspiring new and out-of-the-box creations.

Food & Beverage Program Management

Bar Lab is in a unique position to offer assistance in revamping and revitalizing stale and pre-existing food and beverage programs. With our teams’ dynamic experience in hospitality and creative marketing, we bring to the table innovation and an in-depth understanding of cultural trends and trendsetting. Our program integrates an array of services ranging from culinary and managerial training, business and financial analytics, flavor profiling, marketing, and branding.

Product Innovation

Bar Lab has consulted with various companies ranging from liquor brands to hotels and restaurants. Through research and keeping current on industry trends, we work with each client in implementing new features and ideas to enhance the customer experience.

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