Spirited Mixology

Specialty handcrafted cocktails with elixirs,

syrups, and infusions made from herbs and

spices from our gardens, fresh-pressed

produce and exotic ingredients from

around the world.



A great passion for the art of the crafted cocktail and its potential to transform experiences brought Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta together in 2009 to form Bar Lab. Now an internationally recognized management company, Bar Lab specializes in precision management, market branding and the creation of innovative beverage programs.

Elad and Gabriel, with over twenty-five years of experience, know how to bring the best elements within a market together to achieve inventive results in quality and performance while raising the bar on the highest levels of service.

Recognized for their ingenious approach to the industry, the avant-garde cocktail programs created by Bar Lab have been awarded numerous professional honors and featured in publications worldwide including Conde Nast Traveler, Haute Living, The New York Times and The New York Post, among many others.


  • Event Conception & Execution

    Bar Lab’s Event Concept and Execution Services can be tailored in collaboration with your needs. Whether you need a fresh custom cocktail creation to complement your event or for Bar Lab to do everything from designing the concept to providing décor, food and beverage, Bar Lab will make your event successful and memorable for you and your guests. Bar Lab uses their extensive experience to build an event within your budget that utilizes the best offerings in the industry.

    Bar Lab specializes in handcrafted cocktail catering services, using only the freshest of produce, handpicked spirits and hand-pressed juices. Bar Lab creates the highest quality personalized cocktail experience and executes it with our highly trained professional staff in a unique setting that will make your event a spectacular and memorable experience.



  • Management Partners

    Bar Lab specializes in bringing the perfect elements together to achieve success in the multi-faceted business of hospitality and entertainment. Utilizing their extensive experience, Bar Lab develops innovative concepts within the field and executes with consistent professionalism.

  • Beverage Programs – Cocktail Creation & Consulting

    Bar Lab will help you create a detailed, profitable efficient beverage program to embody the essence of your atmosphere and define the direction your establishment will take. From non-alcoholic beverages to wine, beer and liquor, we will help you make choices that makes sense for your budget and bolster your image.

    With attention to detail and creative integrity, Bar Lab will create a cocktail menu unique to your establishment utilizing rare techniques while providing you with the tools for successful execution. Bar Lab can tailor your beverage program service to accommodate your budget and your needs.

  • Brand Marketing & Development

    Bar Lab will use our extensive experience in the industry to guide and assist you in creating the ultimate marketing plan for your product. Support for your spirit or beverage marketing plan is created through a comprehensive program, finding inventive ways to bring your product to the customer. From the moment of product conception through identifying key accounts and training professionals locally, nationally and globally. Bar Lab’s Brand Development Services ensure that your product will reach your target audience with affective passion.

Broken Shaker

**2013 James Beard Award semi-finalist – The Broken Shaker**

Bar Lab has recently collaborated with the Sydell group to develop two F&B concepts at Freehand Miami, a new premium hostel created by the Sydell group and designed by Roman & Williams where Elad and Gabriel will act as the managing partners of the F&B operations.

This project is a showcase of Elad and Gabriel’s growth and commitment to the development of innovative, inclusive experiences bringing together the art of the hand-crafted cocktails with the exemplary service of industry experts.



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For all event and consulting inquiries, please contact:


Erika Shantz: (310) 663-5261
Event & Brand Manager
email: erika@bar-lab.com  


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